Lazy ShoeZen
Shoes Racks that spin!
Lazy ShoeZen Instructions.  Type in your information if you are interested in the DIY instructions on how you can build your own. 
We have gathered the most cost effective shoe storage solutions here so that you can spend more money on shoes and spend less time on figuring out where to put them. We started making the Lazy ShoeZen as a side project for our kids room and now we are obsessed with storage ideas. It was initially used for our kids toys and then we turned it into a shoes rack which became popular on Pinterest.

We began selling the shoes rack on Etsy and quickly found our that the shipping cost was a little higher than we would have liked. We now offering the DIY plans and we are happy that so many people have been able to build their own Lazy Susan shoes rack.

If you would like to receive the DIY instructions then visit our Etsy store and we will send you the computer aided drawings. This will show you what materials you will need to buy in order to build the shoes rack. It will also show you how to assemble the unit with basic power tools. If you would like to purchase the step by step building DVD and instructions then please visit our Etsy store at
Great under bed storage!